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Professionalize your
dealership network

Manage all your dealerships simply and productively. Take control of everything that happens in your dealership network with Pilot’s HUB 4 applications. 4 applications.

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We designed 4 applications so that you can professionally manage your dealer network. Take a look!

Customer Service Center

Integrate all Sales and After Sales contacts. Pilot will distribute them to your dealers automatically. Control the service quality, the costs and the performance of all your advertising campaigns.

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QA Central

Your entire dealer network can interact collaboratively on the same platform. You’ll have control of your quality surveys and all claims in one place with consolidated reporting.

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Measure and compare the main KPIs of your dealers in one place. Analyze lead entry, sales or service ranking, lost sales, test drive and much more.

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Manage your orders and sales to your dealer network. Show your inventory online, control your purchase goals and much more with this application.

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Boost HUB Pilot with these add-ons


Pilot Solution®

Create automatic rules to communicate each step of the processes and generate incredible workflows.


Pilot Solution®

Manage and present all your products to your customers through the Pilot Catalog and easily share with your dealers. Upload photos, data sheets, videos and much more.



Integrate to Pilot Solution® the communication platform that includes a WhatsApp bot that will allow your leads to contact your business 24/7 and have everything registered.

IP telephony


Communicate with your customers from Pilot Solution® lowering costs and have access to the recording of all calls.

E-mail Marketing


Create smart campaigns in a few minutes and reach your audience with this email marketing service, working with your centralized database.



Have your store integrated into Pilot Solution, with the aesthetics of your brand. Manage reservations of units, spare parts, accessories and services and integrate your favorite payment gateway.

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