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Cloud infrastructure

Pilot is a platform that is fully accessed through the cloud. This means that it is available to your company easily and securely 365 days a year, without software installation on any device.

Our experience guarantees security and stability on the platform. You only need an internet connection.

Since PILOT CRM is a cloud-based platform makes it possible to connect user devices, such as PCs or smartphones, to centralized resources and thus access all information from one place.

With the Cloud, our clients can store all the information of their company virtually and it is possible to discard physical storage devices, facilitating the exchange of information between users.

You only need an internet connection.

You are no longer required to hire technical specialists for maintenance. You don't have to worry about backing up, or maintaining expensive and redundant internet connections. We take care of everything so that you can take care of your management.

Your team will be able to access anytime and anywhere just with a device with an internet connection.

Why choose Pilot? ?

Main features

The cloud is by definition synonymous with freedom in the best sense since it does not bind the user to any technology, being able to use web applications from any device (Windows, Mac or Linux, iOS or Android). It frees you from technological obsolescence, technical tasks, and everything that is not directly related to the focus of your business.

Cloud software allows users to access all their information by simply having an Internet connection and access to a web browser, without the need to install anything, from anywhere and at any time.

The cloud allows access to quality solutions, and this is because the cloud is more than a technological revolution, it is a business revolution. The cloud implied a paradigm shift in the way software and infrastructure solutions are delivered.

The cloud model is based on a monthly subscription accessible to all, which allows to manage foreseeable and known costs in advance, without worrying about everything related to technical problems, data backups, installations, software updates, and everything that blur your business.

Pilot Solution works on an architecture distributed in multiple regions and availability zones, which allows to maintain the level of service physically in different geographic regions.

This provides high availability and fault tolerance in the event of a possible service interruption at any of the data centers. In addition, all connections to the application are made through multiple layers of firewalls to avoid access by any unauthorized person to our customers’ data.

We also have extra security measures that help protect web applications from regular attacks that could affect the availability of applications, put security at risk or consume excess resources. In this way we make sure to always keep the application available and safe from possible attacks.

Thanks to our cloud platform and our 360 vision of the business, companies can promote collaborative work between different areas such as: administration, sales, service, marketing, quality.


The cloud is the supplier of computing services (including servers, storage, databases, networks, software, analysis and intelligence) over the Internet. The cloud allows storage, access data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive.

The main goal is to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. It is common to pay only for the cloud services used, in such a way that helps you reduce operating costs, execute the infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change.
In the early days when companies began to use software to supply manual tasks (such as accounting or invoicing), the question was ‘what happens if the power goes out?’. Today, in a new technological era, the concern the concern is what happens if the internet is cut off. Connectivity, like so many other factors outside the company, can harm daily work. If the Internet connection cuts off and you need to access Pilot, the only solution is to wait for the connection to return. The same thing happens when the electricity goes out: basically, it is not possible to use the service. However, nowadays, you also have optional technologies in case the connection is lost, for example the use of 3G or LTE, which allows you to access from a tablet or phone.
You do not have to pay for new versions. Every month we deliver system updates to all users and customers for free. We believe that our platform must constantly evolve to meet the needs of our customers. The life time of a software is less and less, so why buy a software that is obsolete in less than a year?
No, there are no additional costs to the subscription that the company pays monthly. This is precisely one of the great advantages, it is no longer necessary to deal with the acquisition of technology. We take care of everything, servers, licensing, backup, maintenance and support.
No, the version update and data backups processes are carried out in a transparent way to the user and does not have to stop working during that time.
One of the main advantages is that the service is totally scalable without any type of limit. The scalability is guaranteed without having to invest in additional costs. If a company needs more or less processing or storage capacity we can comply in real time and in a totally transparent way without the user having to do anything.
Your data is yours. If you decide to cancel your Pilot subscription, you can download your data. You must save your data before canceling.