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Why choose Pilot? ?

Main features

Turnero Web

Online schedule

With our online schedule connect your body shop with your customers.

Pilot allows you to display your schedule online so that your customers can schedule an appointment taking into account the operational capacity.

Agenda de Citas

Appointment schedule

Book and manage your appointments in a agile way

Access all your customer information and check the appointments history. With Pilot CRM you can know the progress of the car service and schedule notifications to your customers to share the information.

Autos en Taller

Cars in the body shop

Have a global vision of everything that is going on at your body shop in real-time.

Visualize the status of every vehicle entered. You can establish the needed processes and know the vehicles’ statuses which allows you minimize deviations and be able to comply with your customers.

Reportes y prospección

Reports and prospecting

Access to all the reports so that you can understand everything that is happening at your body shop.

We give you all the information you need to make smarter decisions and accelerate the growth of your business.


Add functionality to your Pilot instance with our experts services

There is no need to acquire technology, Pilot is a cloud-based platform. We take care of everything: servers, licensing, backup, maintenance and support.
Yes, it is safe. Pilot has the highest web security standards in the industry. Each client also has an independent and unique instance.
You do not have to pay for new versions. Every month we deliver system updates to all users and customers for free. We believe that our platform must constantly evolve to meet the needs of our customers. The life time of a software is less and less, so why buy a software that is obsolete in less than a year?
No. You can stop using Pilot whenever you want. We want to be chosen by our customers every month.
No. Implementation is simple, we carry out in 48 hours the entry to our administrative system, the configuration of your sales team and its processes.
Only a web browser with internet connection.
If you decide to cancel your Pilot subscription, you must save the data before canceling since, after cancellation, the data will be deleted. Due to confidentiality reasons, we do not save the data of dealerships who are no longer our customers.
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