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Pilot Corporate

Pilot Corporate

Welcome to the first CRM of CRMS. Now you can have consolidated information from your entire group of dealers that will allow you to improve services and response times, lower costs and take advantage of all the power of your business group.

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Our apps

We designed 3 applications in this exclusive solution so that you can consolidate all the information of your group of dealers. Take a look!

Customer Service Center

Control the service quality, the costs and the performance of all your campaigns. Centralize the entry and attention of potential Sales and After-sales customers of all your dealers. Send hot leads automatically to each business unit, no matter what CRM they use

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QA Central

Your entire group of dealers can interact collaboratively on the same platform. You will have control of your quality surveys and all claims in one place with consolidated reporting so that you understand the experience of your customers

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Measure and compare the main KPIs of your dealers in one place. Analyze the lead entry process, the ranking of sales or services, the lost sales, test drive and much more

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Boost Pilot Corporate with these supporting features.


Create automatic rules to communicate each step of the processes. You can send information about the next service, notify sales department about a business possibility in the body shops, redirect leads between brands and much more.

Email marketing

Create smart campaigns in a few minutes and reach your audience with an email marketing service


Integrate to Pilot Solution® the communication platform that includes a WhatsApp bot that will allow your leads to contact your business 24/7 and have everything registered.

IP telephony

Communicate with your customers from Pilot Solution® at a much lower cost and have access to the recording of all calls.

Without Pilot Corporate
With Pilot Corporate

Why Pilot Corporate?

Today many important groups have different CRM platforms that the different brands use and don’t have the ability to consolidate information between the different companies in the group.
To solve this problem, Pilot Corporate was born.

The first CRM of CRMs!

In tune with an emission-free future, we created Pilot Green

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