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Pilot Car dealers: Contact Center

Optimize your contact area

Manage your entire flow of surveys and phone campaigns in the Contact Center application. You’ll be able to design different survey forms, import your contact databases and always have call recordings associated with each survey, integrating our IP telephony solutions.


Design personalized surveys to your dealership

With the Contact Center application, you can design the survey you need, with open and / or tabulated questions and flexible forms that allow you to generate intelligent flows according to your needs.

Import your contact base in a very agile and simple way, adding them manually, from a spreadsheet or through an automated process.

Thanks to our HOT ALERTS, Pilot can notify you of any negative response or also generate a new sales opportunity for any response that shows interest in the replacement of the unit.

  • Reports to measure the performance of your call center.
  • Automatic loading of surveys.
  • Survey design with open and / or tabulated questions.
  • Alerts via email for each negative result.
  • Automatic loading of new sales possibilities.
  • Sending survey via email so that your client can answer online
  • Task management.
  • Online recordings of communications

Why choose Pilot?

Main features

Carga de bases

Bases uploads

Pilot allows you to import your contact base in a agile and simple way.

You can add your bases manually, from an excel sheet or by a Pilot automatic process.

Formularios flexibles

Design the survey your dealership needs

You can design the survey you need, with open and/ or tabulated questions.

The flexible forms allows you to generate smart flows according to your needs.

Alertas inteligentes

Smart alerts

Pilot sends you email notifications regarding the responses of your customers.

You can access valuable information instantly, which will allow you to act in a fast way and offer the best service to your customers.

Grabaciones en línea

Call recording

Communications records associated with each customer.

Pilot integration with IP telephony allows you to access the recordings at any moment and place so that you can understand what your customers need.


Add functionality to your Pilot instance with our experts services

There is no need to acquire technology, Pilot is a cloud-based platform. We take care of everything: servers, licensing, backup, maintenance and support.
Yes, it is safe. Pilot has the highest web security standards in the industry. Each client also has an independent and unique instance.
You do not have to pay for new versions. Every month we deliver system updates to all users and customers for free. We believe that our platform must constantly evolve to meet the needs of our customers. The life time of a software is less and less, so why buy a software that is obsolete in less than a year?
No. You can stop using Pilot whenever you want. We want to be chosen by our customers every month.
No. Implementation is simple, we carry out in 48 hours the entry to our administrative system, the configuration of your sales team and its processes.
Only a web browser with internet connection.
If you decide to cancel your Pilot subscription, you must save the data before canceling since, after cancellation, the data will be deleted. Due to confidentiality reasons, we do not save the data of dealerships who are no longer our customers.
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